Services for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

IDD Adult Services

Active Day utilizes a person center approach to adult day services, vocational habilitation, and employment opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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About The Services

IDD Adult Services

Our Adult Day Service Centers provide services specifically tailored for adults with special abilities. The focus is on enabling individuals to gain a deeper level of independence through teaching and reinforcing daily living skills, encouraging community integration, and offering volunteer and vocational programs. We aim to achieve this by assisting individuals by offering ongoing education and skills necessary to attain self determined goals.

An Active Day

Members Are Social, Active, and Always Learning.

Our programs have a unique focus on socialization and integration within the community. We strive to help our members live the highest quality of life. We aim to achieve this by meeting them where they are and offering ongoing education and skill development.

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Programs Include:

Independent Living Skills

Achieving and maintaining independence, self-sufficiency, and confidence are significant hallmarks of a purposeful, energy-driven, Active Day. Independent living skills include communication, nutrition, eating, cooking, mobility, personal hygiene, laundry, money management, reading, and sign language.

Group Employment Support

Offered in community partnership settings through opportunities with local business partners, we help develop meaningful employment skills and the vocational program includes the provision of paid work experience in accord with one’s person-centered plan. Opportunities are available in groups of two or more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Active Day Centers are engaged in volunteer programs throughout the year. Members who choose to participate in volunteering, for example, help serve meals in soup kitchens; stock food pantries; spend time at local animal shelters; and deliver meals to senior citizens.

Competitive Integrated Employment

Active Day works with members who want to be employed in the community. Competitive Integrated Employment includes job development and job coaching. Job Coaches accompany members to their place of employment to provide one-on-one coaching to ensure members in the workplace are successful.

Community Integration

Participation in purposeful social, recreational, educational, and vocational activities contribute to a healthy self-image and higher quality of life. Therefore, we encourage and facilitate participation in activities within the community. On average, our members spend 14 hours per week in the community.

Pre-vocational and Career Exploration

Career planning services are provided on a time-limited basis and are specifically intended to help a person find a job of personal interest in the community. These services include the development of a plan designed to define one’s career direction and to map out those steps that, if taken, will result in acquiring the desired job.

Workforce Exploration and Learning Pods

Workforce Exploration and Learning Pods give members an opportunity to explore employment interests. Learning pods afford time and space for members to practice the soft skills necessary to gain experience and develop skill proficiency in a mock environment.

Transportation Services

Active Day is proud to provide safe, reliable transportation for members participation in community activities and events, maintaining their employment and staying connected to people and places. Our well-trained drivers are energetic and passionate about ensuring a fun experience for members.

Getting To and From the Facility

Transportation Options

There are various options for transportation to and from our facilities. Transportation options varies between centers, so please be sure to check with your specific location for available options.

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Active Day Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles or secure 3rd party provider will coordinate member pick-up and drop-off from home

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Caregiver Transportation

Family members are welcome to drop off and/or pick-up their loved ones at the center.

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Center Drivers

Some of our centers offer complimentary transportation for medical appointments.

Active Day Memberships

Learn More About Adult Services

The mission of our Active Day centers is to provide person-centered opportunities for meaningful and integrated vocational, recreational, leisure, social, volunteer, and educational activities for individuals with disabilities.

Who is a good fit?

We invite all IDD adults – over the age of 18 – seeking support to live their best life. However, the first step in the process is speaking to a Support Coordinator who can help determine which services are best for each unique situation. If you want to learn more about Active Day and the overall process, please give us a call and we will help you out.

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Pricing & Billing

How Much Do IDD Services Cost?

Private pay fees are dependent upon factors such as the state, level of care and eligibility for funding. Funding is also available through various agencies depending on your state. Our adult day service Center Directors can discuss funding options and help determine your eligibility and options for support.


General Cost

Some opt to pay privately instead of through a funding agency. Private pay expenditures may qualify as tax-deductible medical expenses.​


Funding Sources

Most county, state, and federal programs cover Adult Day Services for IDD individuals. We work to bill the funding agency directly and ensure claims are processed.

Team Member Message
For us, it's more than a job. It's a calling.

“Each day our team strives to guide and teach our members about day-to-day life. What we sometimes do not realize is that we learn so much more from our members than we could ever teach them. They teach us how to remain humble, patient and grateful; how to look through a different lens and see a world that is gentle, compassionate and precious.”

– Active Day Team Member

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Find Services Near Me

Active Day is one of the nation’s leading providers of adult day and home care services for seniors and adults with disabilities. We have over 100 centers in 10 states and happily serve approximately 8,000 members. Each center provides access to a safe, engaging, social, and supportive environment where our thoughtful, attentive professionals create a positive experience for adults with special abilities and seniors. Find a location near you and contact us to learn more.