Active Day Services

Experience the brighter side of caring with personalized support from our compassionate team members. All of our services focus on helping our members maintain independence and dignity while assisting with their daily needs. At our senior care & activities center, we’re dedicated to creating vibrant, active days for our seniors through a range of personalized services and activities.


Benefits of an Active Day

Our day programs for elders and adults with special needs offer a stimulating environment while providing direct access to our on-site nurses. This adult day care service gives your loved one confidence while engaging in our cognitive and physical activities, knowing that help is nearby if needed.

Beyond traditional adult day services, our senior care & activities center offers unique benefits, promoting happiness, socializing, and a secure environment for our esteemed members.

Services available for all memberships:
Member benefits:
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Happiness & Fulfillment

Members enjoy an improved quality of life as they spend their days in a positive environment with our nurturing staff.


Socializing & Friendship

Members spend time participating in activities and enjoying meals together, allowing them to forge lasting friendships.


Safety & Support

Our experienced healthcare professionals are readily available to offer support and ensure our members' safety while in our care.

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Active Day by the Numbers

Brightening Days - All Day, Every Day

Our stats demonstrate our experience providing the highest quality of day programs for adults with developmental disabilities and seniors.

Active Members

Our members are active in our more than 100 facilities located across the country.

Team Members

Our team members provide quality and person-centered care at all of Active Day locations and services.

Programs Offered

Our adult programs are focused on keeping members engaged, social, and always learning.

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Resources to Help You Navigate the Journey

Here at Active Day, we take the time to familiarize ourselves with the local and national services that can benefit our members and their families. Our teams have compiled a list of links to national and state resources for adults with special abilities, seniors, veterans, and caregivers to assist them with what they need next. 

Explore some of the available resources and state-specific information by clicking “Learn More” below.


How to Apply for Funding

We want to make sure your time at Active Day is affordable. Funding is available through Medicaid, Long-Term Care Insurance, the Veteran’s Administration, and other State and County grants and programs. 

Our day program directors are happy to discuss funding options in detail to determine your eligibility for support.

How to get covered:
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Contact your local Active Day office for information on payment schedules.

State/Local Funding

We participate in state and other funding sources for eligible members.

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Find Adult Day Services Near Me

Active Day is one of the nation’s leading providers of adult day care and home care services for seniors and adults with disabilities. We have 100 adult day care centers in 10 states, where we happily serve approximately 8,000 members. Each adult day care center provides access to a safe, engaging, social, and supportive environment where our thoughtful, attentive professionals create a positive experience for disabled adults and seniors. Find a location near you and contact us to learn more.