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We know it is truly our team and members that make the Active Day experience fulfilling, educational, social, productive, and fun.

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For everyone, it's about the impact.

With the mission to bring the brighter side of adult care to those who want to learn, work, be social, and continue living life, we are proud of the impact our programs have on our members and our employees.

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Member and Team Stories

Read stories about our Active Day members and team, which highlight why Active Day can be a bright spot in caring for your loved ones.

young man with down syndrome reviewing book with tutor at adult day care center
Learning to Read

Two years ago, Brian wasn’t able to read. Now, he can read short books, write, and compose text messages up to three sentences in length. This success has translated into all aspects of his life! He is currently on the path to community employment and working with OOD. We continue to develop and hone these skills by having him continue his journey with reading and participating in vocational habilitation opportunities within the center.

Former Employee
And loved it!

Working with Active Day was truly one of the most rewarding and fun jobs I have ever had. I woke up every morning excited to go to work and have fun with the members and my team. The member’s and their family become your family, I never felt more at home. I worked for Active Day for several years and I couldn’t imagine a better place.

caregiver pushing happy elderly patient in a wheelchair while going for a walk outside
adult day care female nurse smiling with a male senior citizen
Current Employee

Active Day is a great place; I love this job for many reasons but mostly because I know I make a difference in our members’ lives each day and get to have fun and show my creativity while doing it! I also love it because the people I work with are great and manage the place well while keeping the member’s best interests in mind; you can tell everyone really cares and loves what they do.

Part-time employment and still learning

One of our members is currently employed in the community part time, at a pizzeria, where she likes folding boxes and cutting up vegetables. She also works at a local food market. While she is there, she works as a bagger and carries out grocery orders. On her days off from her community jobs, she attends the center workshop. She works in the engraving department and builds trophies for outside customers. She enjoys the interactions she experiences with the community. She continues on her path to employment by maintaining and improving on her skills with vocational training. She loves learning new things!

smiling woman with down syndrome wearing a hooded coat
smiling senior man in wheelchair with nurse in home
Creating Consistency

My husband Tony is a retired Navy Veteran, referred by the Phila. VA Medical Center Community Care Program, for socialization, pain management & companionship. Tony absolutely loves spending time with the staff and participants at Active Day. He looks forward to going each week and has only positive things to say about his experiences each day when I pick him up. The center offers lots of stimulating activities and the staff makes Tony, our daughter Erica, and I feel like family. This is a truly wonderful and unique place where loved ones can enjoy each day to the fullest. Our daughter Erica has Downs Syndrome and has now also enrolled in their program and absolutely enjoys the fun interactive and individual activities and conversing with the staff and members. Honestly, Active Day is top-notch; I wish I could participate with my family. 

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