Who We Serve

At Active Day, we provide day services for seniors and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our approach is every member can benefit from an engaged, socially stimulating, and care-focused experience. We help families, caregivers, and case managers decide which of our services can best match their individualized service needs.

Living and loving life, one Active Day at a time.

Our members experience the brighter side of caring through personalized support from our compassionate team. Everything we do is centered around helping our members maintain independence and dignity. 

Adults with Down Syndrome, Autism, or any developmental, intellectual disability, and aging seniors who may require daily support or experiencing cognitive decline such as Dementia or  Alzheimer’s receive active support throughout the day. 

In addition, we provide education, and resources for our members’ families, caregivers, and case managers while maintaining updates and open communication.

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We ensure you are aware and educated about your loved ones.


Providing peace of mind while coordinating care and assistance.

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Case Manager

Aligning with you on service planning and communication to meet the specific needs of the member

Our Care & Support

We know that choosing services for your loved one is not an easy decision. Whether you have concerns about the level of care, daily activities, or social engagement, we are here to help you navigate the options and make intelligent, well-informed decisions. Rest assured that our support is genuine.

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Active Day can benefit the entire family.

We understand that helping your loved one can be challenging, and taking time for yourself is essential. Active Day gives our families peace of mind by providing a caring and nurturing environment with open communication. This allows everyone involved to stay informed and ensure the care we provide is always in the member’s best interest.

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Working alongside case managers

We work with case managers and support coordinators to find the best fit to serve their client’s needs. By completing individual and personalized assessments we standardize the in-take process, provide continuous update and relay reports for all your required case notes. We partner with you to ease the administrative burden of the cases we serve!


Design Service Plan

Identify the best plan for the member

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Provide Care

Provide care on an ongoing basis.

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Track & Report

Provide notes and standardized reporting.

Find Services Near Me

Active Day is one of the nation’s leading providers of adult day and home care services for seniors and adults with disabilities. We have over 100 centers in 10 states and happily serve approximately 8,000 members. Each center provides access to a safe, engaging, social, and supportive environment where our thoughtful, attentive professionals create a positive experience for adults with special abilities and seniors. Find a location near you and contact us to learn more.