Life After High School for Youths with IDD
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Navigating New Horizons for Youths with IDD After High School

Graduating from high school marks a pivotal transition for all students, yet it presents specific and significant challenges for teens and young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

At Active Day, we understand the unique needs and potentials of each individual. We are committed to guiding them—and their families—toward a future brimming with possibilities.

Below, we explore key strategies to support youths with special abilities as they navigate life post-high school, highlighting how Active Day plays a crucial role in this transformative journey.


Fostering Independence with Compassionate Expertise

Achieving independence is a fundamental aim for youths with IDD as they progress beyond high school. Active Day is dedicated to fostering this independence by promoting self-advocacy and decision-making skills within a nurturing environment.

Our programs are tailored to help members recognize their abilities and learn to express them in everyday activities. To enhance independence, we focus on teaching essential life skills, including:

  • Self-care and personal hygiene
  • Effective verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Cooking simple meals and meal preparation
  • Laundry and basic housekeeping
  • Navigating public transportation
  • Understanding emergency procedures


Setting Goals for the Future

Setting clear, achievable goals is vital for preparing for life after high school. At Active Day, we work closely with students, families, and educators to craft personalized goals that are both aspirational and attainable.

Whether their goal is pursuing further education, securing suitable employment, or acquiring new skills, our approach ensures every teen with IDD is positioned to achieve their personal best.

Here’s how we work with our members to help them set and achieve their goals:

  • Personalized goal setting. We work individually with each member to understand their interests, strengths, and challenges.
  • Collaboration with families and educators. Active Day partners closely with families and educators to ensure that the goals are supported both in the center and at home.
  • Focus on practical life skills. Our programs include practical life skills training, which is vital for independence and empowering members to set goals without fear of not being able to handle them.
  • Skill development and workshops. We offer specialized workshops and activities that help teens develop specific skills that are essential for their goals.
  • Ongoing support and adjustments. Goals are regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed based on the member’s progress and evolving interests.

Through our personalized activities in a supportive environment, our members can feel confident pursuing their goals after they graduate from high school.


Teaching Effective Money Management

Financial literacy is crucial for all young adults and is particularly important for those with IDD. Active Day incorporates money management and banking skills into our programs, providing hands-on guidance to help members manage their finances with confidence and independence.

Setting budgets, understanding different forms of money, completing taxes, and creating a banking account are all critical elements of transitioning into adulthood. The environment at Active Day centers is designed to support learning through practical activities, where members can engage in transactions within a controlled setting.

We also understand and celebrate that each of our members is unique. That’s why our teaching methods are catered to different learning paces and styles. As a result, members don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed as they learn critical money management skills.


Career Planning for Young Adults with IDD

Career planning starts well before high school graduation. At Active Day, we offer a variety of vocational training and employment support services tailored to the diverse abilities of our members. These include:

  • Job exploration workshops
  • Mock interviews
  • Skill development programs
  • Vocational assessments
  • Internships and volunteer opportunities
  • Family and caregiver engagement

Our partnerships with local businesses also create opportunities for young adults with special abilities to secure meaningful employment and integrate successfully into the workforce.


Supporting IDD Youths in Their Transition to Adulthood

Transitioning from a high school student to a graduate is a monumental step for youths with IDD, filled with challenges and opportunities. Active Day is here to support these young adults as they embark on this exciting phase of their lives.

Contact us today to learn more about our specialized programs that help teens and young adults with disabilities thrive during this critical transition.

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