Guide for Supporting Adults with IDD
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Supporting Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Navigating the path of caregiving for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) requires understanding, patience, and a network of support. It’s a role that is both profoundly rewarding and uniquely challenging, requiring caregivers to wear many hats.

Every individual with IDD has their own set of strengths and challenges. Caregivers must take the time to understand their unique personalities in order to offer the support they need.

At Active Day, we recognize the importance of creating an environment that promotes independence and dignity for adults with IDD. Inspired by our firsthand experience, we’ve compiled several key ways to help support adults with special abilities in their day-to-day lives.


Offering Support with Engaging Activities for Adults with IDD

Research has shown that participating in hobbies can lead to enhanced mood, lower stress levels, and a decrease in symptoms of depression. One of the best ways to support adults with disabilities is by encouraging them to engage in activities that they enjoy.

As individuals become more adept at their chosen activities, they gain a sense of achievement and empowerment. This growing independence is a crucial aspect of personal development.

Having regular activities to look forward to can also help adults with special abilities build a routine. This is especially beneficial as it can help them manage time effectively and make life more enjoyable.

Here are several ideas for stimulating activities that can be done safely at home or with an adult day program:

  • Learning a foreign language
  • Completing puzzles
  • Practicing yoga and mindfulness
  • Participating in art therapy
  • Playing card games
  • Working through cognitive exercises
  • Joining an accessible dance class
  • Reading books and joining a book club
  • Taking a music class
  • Volunteering
  • Community gardening

As caregivers and supporters, it’s important to recognize and nurture the interests and hobbies of adults with IDD. This means actively listening to their preferences, providing options, and offering encouragement. Trying these various activities helps foster a sense of joy amongst participants while contributing to their personal growth.

Active Day recognizes the immense value these activities hold in enriching the lives of adults with disabilities. Our programs include daily stimulating activities that empower members to explore their interests in a supportive community.


The Value of Socialization for Adults with Special Abilities

Encouraging socialization and community integration are key ways to support adults with special abilities. Unfortunately, many of these adults struggle to participate due to a lack of access to transportation, accessibility of information, and social stigmas.

However, adult day centers offer a safe space for adults with IDD to engage with others without the barriers mentioned. Being in a community with compassionate individuals with shared experiences helps promote emotional well-being and boosts social skills in the process.

Socialization is so valuable because it:

  • Helps build self-esteem and confidence. Adults with IDD often face challenges that can lead to feelings of isolation or difference. Socializing with peers helps them feel more valued and included.
  • Reinforces important skills like communication, empathy, and cooperation. These skills are essential for building relationships and entering the workforce.
  • Stimulates the mind and helps create a more positive outlook on life. Isolation can have a profound impact on anyone’s mental health, and being part of a community helps mitigate the risks of depression and anxiety.
  • Offers diverse experiences that are crucial for lifelong learning. Socializing provides opportunities to learn new skills and hobbies with others who are also in the process of learning.
  • Often involves physical activity, helping to prevent health issues. Whether it’s a group walk in the park or organized sports, regular physical activity is vital for everyone’s health.
  • Allows caregivers to take much-needed breaks. This respite is essential for caregivers’ well-being and can improve the quality of care they provide.

At Active Day, we understand the positive impacts that socializing has on adults with IDD. So, our programs are specifically designed to encourage members’ active participation in a variety of fun group activities.


The Benefits of Day Support Programs for Adults with Disabilities

Caregivers often work long hours and struggle to take time to care for their own needs. A helping hand can be life-changing in caregivers’ efforts to offer the support that adults with special abilities need. Adult day services like those at Active Day are designed to do just that.

Active Day’s programs are crafted with care, offering several benefits to both caregivers and members:

  • Daily social interaction in a structured, supportive environment
  • Physical activities tailored to the abilities of each member
  • Life skills and vocational training to foster independence
  • Individualized care with on-site medical staff
  • Customized meal plans
  • Regular group outings and fulfilling activities
  • Reliable transportation to and from our centers

All of our services and group activities ensure that each member’s needs are met. We promote a sense of community where friendships can flourish, and everyone feels like they belong.

Creating a positive, inclusive environment is at the heart of what we do. Our compassionate staff members are always present to provide assistance and companionship, ensuring that no one feels alone or unsupported.


Experience the Benefits of Adult Day Programs

Encouraging socialization and involvement with stimulating activities is essential for supporting adults with special abilities. They help to enhance their communication skills, mental health, independence, and overall sense of belonging.

At Active Day, we provide a welcoming environment with numerous opportunities for social interaction and community involvement. Are you seeking a supportive setting for your loved one? Contact us today to see if they qualify for a Free Trial Day and discover how we can make a positive difference in their life.



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