The Brighter Side of Caring: The Active Day Advantage
young man with down syndrome reviewing book with tutor at adult day care center

The Brighter Side of Caring: The Active Day Advantage.

Are you aware of the benefits adult day services provide seniors and adults with special abilities? As one of the nation’s leading adult day providers, Active Day has ensured quality care and support for our communities delivering services since 1989. Our mission is to create a national network of community-based healthcare services for seniors and adults with unique abilities. Over the years, our dedicated team has successfully built the largest network of owned and operated centers for adult day services, spanning 100 locations across 10 states and serving over 8,000 members.

At Active Day, we understand each member is unique, which is why our centers offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of each of the individuals we care for. Our commitment revolves around providing personalized care to ensure each member maintains their independence and dignity. We have crafted a warm and welcoming community centered around a fun, engaging, and compassionate environment, making the brighter side of caring a reality for our members.

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One of the cornerstones of our services is respite care – a crucial support system designed to give caregivers a temporary break. We recognize the physical and emotional toll caregiving can take, and our respite care allows caregivers to recharge, knowing their loved ones are in a safe and supportive environment. This service is particularly beneficial for family members caring for someone with cognitive or behavioral impairments, providing them the opportunity for much-needed self-care.

Our Transportation services offer on-the-road support our members and families can trust. We understand transportation can be challenging, whether it’s timely arrivals, inadequate support, or overall lack of customer service. At Active Day, we provide friendly, safe, door-to-door transportation for daily visits to the center, as well as medical appointments. All of our drivers are welcoming and dedicated to supporting our members’ needs and participation in community-based activities and events.

Within our Centers, we believe individuals can thrive when equipped with the necessary skills and opportunities. Therefore, we have developed comprehensive programs meticulously tailored to foster profound levels of independence. From essential life tasks to more advanced skills, our programs meet individuals where they are on their independent journey. Through personalized education, we provide the tools necessary for our members to attain self-determined goals, promoting a sense of autonomy and accomplishment.

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Community integration is a vital part of our therapeutic approach. We actively encourage and facilitate our members’ participation in community activities, fostering socialization and connection. We strive to eliminate barriers and foster a sense of belonging, allowing members to be an integral part of the community.

Moreover, we go beyond conventional approaches by offering volunteer and vocational programs. These initiatives contribute to skill development and empower our members to actively engage in meaningful activities by enhancing their overall quality of life. Through these programs, we create pathways for individuals to contribute in the community to align with their interests and capabilities.

In addition to our diverse services, we prioritize nutrition by offering healthy meals and snacks tailored to the specific needs of each member. Recognizing the importance of good nutritional elements for physical and mental well-being, our centers strive to ensure our members receive the proper nutrients needed to thrive.

young man with down syndrome working in greenhouse

Educational resources and support for family members and caregivers are also at the forefront of our care network. We provide training and education on caregiving, along with access to support groups and additional resources. By offering this support, we strive to empower families and caregivers with a better understanding of their loved ones’ needs, enhancing their ability to provide support.

Active Day is committed to promoting the well-being and independence of seniors and adults of all abilities. Through personalized care, engaging activities, and a comprehensive list of supportive services, we create an environment where every member can thrive and achieve their goals. Join us at Active Day, where the brighter side of caring is not just a concept but a daily reality.


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