Get Creative and Have Fun!

Active Day of Moline Sparks Joy with Creative Fun

Our Centers had a blast this past July as we celebrated our Value of the Month, Get Creative and Have Fun. Our Activity Managers are trained to create customized Activity Calendars for our members to promote healthy physical and mental engagement during their time with us. We ensure all activities are modified to fit the individual needs of our members so everyone can participate and have a great time.

One of our Centers, Active Day of Moline, showed an excellent example of our Value of the Month when they invited Miss Janice Katambwa, lovingly known as Mama Katambwa, to lead a unique activity. Mama Katambwa engaged our members in cultural interactive storytelling, invoking the minds, bodies, voices, and spirits of everyone in the Center. The team worked with Mama Katambwa to create a memorable experience that involved music, dancing, chants, and costumes, allowing the members to express themselves through multiple actions and callings. Each member participated and enjoyed the uplifting spirit that Mama Katambwa brought with her. This experience was truly memorable; our members are still talking about the laughter and smiles from that day!

We are truly grateful for all of our teams at Active Day. They consistently bring creativity and inclusivity to the activities they organize at our Centers and Home Care locations. Whenever we ask our teammates what they love most about working with us, they almost always mention the joy they receive from working with our members and seeing their happy faces. We couldn’t ask for a more compassionate and caring group of people to care for our members and their families. Thank you to all our teams, and a special thank you to Active Day of Moline for always getting creative and having fun!

Want to see all the fun for yourself? Check out their Facebook Page here or call the Center today at (309) 797-0200 to schedule a tour or free trial day for yourself or someone you know!

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