The Benefits of Day Programs for Adults with IDD
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How Specialized Programs Benefit Adults with IDD

In 2019, the United States was home to 7.39 million people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). However, just 19% or about 1.40 million received at least one long-term support or service.

The spectrum of intellectual and developmental disabilities is broad, encompassing a wide range of needs, abilities, and challenges. The diverse needs of adults with IDD truly highlight the necessity of tailored support and specialized programs, such as those provided by Active Day.

Read on to discover the many benefits of specialized programs for adults with special abilities and their caregivers.


Fostering Independence with Compassion

At Active Day, we understand that independence is not just about teaching our members with special abilities to do things on their own. It’s also about having the opportunity to make choices, express preferences, and participate actively in their care and daily activities.

Our dedicated staff works alongside members to offer the right balance of support and autonomy. This ensures that everyone feels safe to explore new activities, learn new skills, and engage in decision-making processes.

One of the key ways we foster independence for our members is by offering transition programs. These programs are designed to help our members with special abilities find meaningful employment in several ways:

  • Skill development
  • Group employment support
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Job search assistance
  • Career counseling

By participating in our specialized programs, our members are empowered with confidence and a sense of agency over their lives. We celebrate every step forward and every challenge overcome with kindness and encouragement. That way, our members can feel more comfortable trying new things even outside of our facilities.


Cultivating Social Connections for Adults with IDD

Human connection is a fundamental need that provides comfort, joy, and a sense of belonging. However, research suggests that up to half of those with IDD are chronically lonely, compared with around 15–30% of the general population.

Recognizing this, Active Day places a strong emphasis on creating opportunities for social interaction within our community. As a result, we foster an inclusive atmosphere where friendships flourish.

Our events and activities are also designed to encourage members to engage with the wider community. This helps to further enhance their social network and sense of belonging in the world.

Here are just a few of the activities our members enjoy within our communities:

  • Sports events
  • Outings to restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Community service and volunteering
  • Local events and attractions

All of these experiences reinforce the social bonds that are so crucial to our members’ well-being.


Specialized Day Programs Empower Caregivers

Beyond the direct benefits to individuals with IDD, specialized programs play a crucial role in supporting caregivers. 80% of care for individuals with special abilities and seniors is provided by family members, many of whom neglect their own needs in the process.

This silent sacrifice of countless families and caregivers only emphasizes the importance of support systems that extend beyond the immediate family unit. This is where Active Day steps in as a partner in the caregiving journey.

Knowing that your loved one is in a safe, engaging, and supportive setting allows you to take a moment for yourself to breathe and attend to your own needs. Caregivers benefit from our specialized programs in multiple ways:

  • Respite – We provide caregivers with much-needed breaks to rest, recharge, and attend to their personal needs.
  • Stability – Our programs operate on consistent schedules, providing a routine that members and caregivers can rely on.
  • Ease of mind knowing your loved one is safeEach location is equipped with features that accommodate the needs of our members, including those with limited mobility.
  • Reduce stress – Caregivers can depend on our professional care during the day, reducing the emotional and physical toll of round-the-clock caregiving.
  • Medical monitoring – With our comprehensive health monitoring, caregivers know that their loved ones have what they need in case of an emergency.

Ensure their loved one stays active – Our social and recreational activities keep our members engaged and active throughout the day.

Caregivers can find solace in knowing they are not alone. Recent research revealed that between 40 and 70% of family caregivers experience symptoms of depression, which can often be caused by feelings of isolation. In our communities, they can discover a network of support among staff and other caregivers.


Active Day: A Place Where Everyone Belongs

At Active Day, we’re proud to offer a vibrant community where each member is valued and empowered. Our dedicated IDD programs are built on the conviction that everyone has the right to lead a fulfilling, autonomous life that’s enhanced by meaningful relationships.

At the heart of our services lies our commitment to ensuring that every day presents a new chance to experience the brighter side of caring. Interested in learning more? Click here to find your closest Active Day location and reach out to our dedicated teams.

Not sure if our programs are right for you or your loved one? We offer a Free Trial Day where you can participate in a day’s activities and see how we make every day active and enjoyable. Click here to learn more!

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