Adult Day Health

Improving, One Active Day at a Time

Experience the brighter side of caring with the personalized support of our hands-on, compassionate team. Everything we do is centered around helping our members maintain independence and dignity. Our members receive active support in multi-faceted ways throughout the day. Members and caregivers appreciate the confidence of having direct access to specialized healthcare, while they also enjoy having a day full of stimulating activities that keeps them engaged.

Our highly qualified, caring staff members assist with medical needs and coordinate care with physicians and other healthcare professionals. We surround our expert level of care with an atmosphere that features uniquely engaging cognitive and physical activities that flex to individual needs and interests. By participating, our members benefit from ongoing mental and physical stimulation that works to improve overall quality of life, healthcare, and daily functioning.

Improving, One Active Day at a Time


  • What are your adult day care center hours?

    While the hours among our centers vary, all centers are open from at least 8 am to 5 pm each day. Many centers have extended hours and are open on weekends. If you have a specific scheduling request, let us know so we can meet your needs.

  • Can you provide or arrange transportation?

    There are a number of options for transportation. Family members are welcome to transport their loved one if they choose. Otherwise, we are able to coordinate transportation with our Active Day vehicle fleet or with the contracted transportation provider in your local area. Additionally, some of our centers can transport members to and from medical appointments at no additional cost. Give us a call to find out about available services in your area.

  • What is the cost?

    There is a standard enrollment fee for all members admitted to Active Day, except for those on Medical Assistance. A standard day of service includes comprehensive care, including nursing supervision and personal care, fun and engaging activities, a nutritious hot meal and snacks, and arrangement or provision of door-to-door transportation.

    The private pay fee varies by state, level of care and other factors. Funding is available through Medicaid, Long-term Care Insurance, Veteran’s Administration and various other State and County grants and programs. Our Center Directors would be happy to discuss funding options in detail to determine your eligibility for support.

  • What if my loved one is unsure about attending?

    We have friendly and trained staff to help new members transition to our centers. We highly recommend taking advantage of our free trial days to get the full Active Day experience. We are confident that your loved one will enjoy spending time at the center and will look forward to returning.

  • Can my loved one attend the program if they have dementia, are in a wheelchair, or are incontinent?

    We welcome members with a variety of physical and cognitive impairments. Our Active Day centers all have a professional nursing staff on-site to assist your loved one with all daily living activities.

  • How do I get someone started in the program?

    It’s easy to get enrolled at an Active Day center. Our Center Directors are available to meet with you and discuss further details. Call us at 877-435-3372 or fill out a contact form, and we will be in touch right away.