Understanding Adult Day Programs vs. Long-Term Care
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Differences Between Adult Day Services and Long-Term Care (LTC)

When seeking the best care for your loved ones, you’ve likely come across two distinct choices: adult day programs and long-term care (LTC) facilities. Both options provide essential care but cater to different needs and lifestyles.

Choosing the right care setting depends on several factors, including the level of care required, financial capabilities, and the personal preferences of the individual and their family. It’s a decision that affects both the daily life and well-being of your loved one.

At Active Day, we understand that this is an important – and often overwhelming – decision. That’s why we’re offering guidance about how adult day programs might be the right choice for your loved one, keeping in mind the unique benefits each care option offers.


Personalized Care in the Comfort of Their Home

One of the most significant advantages of adult day programs is that members are able to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Seniors and adults with IDD often benefit from continuing to reside in their own homes, keeping their daily routines and family connections intact.

This arrangement helps support mental health by keeping individuals in familiar surroundings. As a result, members experience reduced feelings of disorientation or isolation that some may encounter in a new living environment.

Active Day centers offer a structured, engaging environment during the day, but members can return to their homes at night. However, we understand that not everyone has the mobility to be active members at our community centers. That’s why we also offer on-site care in the homes of our members.

With the flexibility of our programs, you can rest assured that your loved one will engage in daily activities, receive personalized medical support, and enjoy companionship in the environment of their choosing. Learn more by watching the video below:



Cost-Effective Adult Day Services with Professional Oversight

Adult day services are generally more cost-effective compared to LTC facilities. According to Genworth’s cost of care survey, the national average cost for adult day health services is significantly less than that of a semi-private room in a long-term care facility.

However, this cost efficiency doesn’t mean that the quality of care offered is reduced. Our centers are staffed by dedicated professionals who provide medical oversight and are trained to offer care tailored to your loved one’s needs.

Adult day centers like Active Day specialize in providing personalized support during the day, often with a higher staff-to-member ratio that ensures hands-on care. LTC typically has a 1:12 to 1:20 ratio of members to employees while adult day centers can be anywhere from 1:1 to 1:7.

This allows our staff to quickly respond to the needs of each member. As a result, members receive a level of attentiveness and customization that larger, 24/7 facilities may struggle to provide.

Also, since adult day centers operate primarily during daytime hours, they avoid the extensive overhead costs associated with handling a broader spectrum of healthcare and living needs 24/7. This operational efficiency allows us to allocate resources directly to high-quality daytime services, maximizing the value of every dollar spent.


A Sense of Community for Members

From the moment members step into an Active Day center, they are greeted by a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Our centers are designed to be accessible and comfortable, resembling a communal living room more than a medical facility. This homelike setting helps members feel relaxed and part of a larger family.

In terms of social opportunities, adult day centers provide abundant options. Members have the chance to engage in a range of activities and connect with others. This sense of community is critical considering The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) reported that nearly one-fourth of adults aged 65+ are considered to be socially isolated.

Just a few examples of the activities our day program members enjoy include:

  • Volunteering
  • Outings to restaurants, museums, sporting events, and more
  • Art and crafts
  • Gardening
  • Exercise classes
  • Games and puzzles
  • Social events and holiday celebrations
  • Reading groups
  • Cooking classes

These activities help our members enjoy each day fully while maintaining their independence as much as possible. Members get to experience life beyond the center together, which enhances their community feeling and connects them with the wider world.


Comprehensive but Focused Adult Day Services

LTC facilities provide for every aspect of a resident’s life, from medical support to meals, housing, and 24/7 supervision. This setup may be ideal for those who have more complex health needs or simply prefer to stay in one location each day.

On the other hand, adult day programs concentrate their resources more specifically on daytime services and therapeutic activities. This allows for a more focused use of funding and resources, making it a more cost-effective option for caregivers.

Within our operating hours, Active Day provides comprehensive health monitoring that includes administering medications, attending to immediate medical needs, and performing routine health checks.

Our focused service offering also provides flexibility for members who may not need or desire around-the-clock supervision. Instead, members can enjoy a day of stimulating activities before heading back home.


Choosing Between Adult Day Services and Long-Term Care Facilities

Depending on your and your loved one’s needs, adult day programs and long-term care facilities can both be viable options. Your decision will likely come down to your budget and the level of care that your loved one requires.

At Active Day, we offer a Free Trial Day to those who qualify. Participating in this trial will offer a glimpse into how our programs function and provide an opportunity to speak to our devoted staff. Sign up for your free trial today and step into a day filled with laughter, care, and community. We can’t wait to meet you!

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