Take Pride in Your Work
take pride in your work

Active Day of Beckman Celebrates Community Integration Success

We celebrated our Value Take Pride in Your Work this past October, and we are so thankful to have such dedicated, creative, and passionate teammates to help us carry out our mission. Our teams are continuously going above and beyond to provide our members with outstanding services and are always trying to find new ways they can enjoy the highest possible quality of life while still meeting their individual needs in the community.

We are thrilled to announce our Active Day of Beckman Center started their first Community Integration ADS group last month, and their DSP/Driver, Nicole Braun, took on the task of starting the pilot group with enthusiasm. She has taken this group from a tentative pre-made calendar of events to a true group making a difference in the lives of our members. Each month, Nicole and the members meet to discuss how they would like to schedule their activities for the following month and independently choose what activities they believe would benefit them the most, as well as manage their own money by choosing activities which fit into their individual budgets and keeping a ledger of their expenditures and balance to help them make choices. Recently, they have been volunteering several days a week and joined a book club within their community that meets once a month. They are now actively looking for a daytime bowling league that will fit their schedules. Nicole facilitates all of this by “assisting” instead of “doing” so their members are able to move towards independence within their communities. Nicole and the entire Beckman team are proud of the achievements each person has made in the group, and because of the foundation she laid and the success of the individuals in the group, Beckman has other staff members eager to lead a Community Integration ADS group and many members are wanting to join as well. 

Thank you, Nicole, for taking pride in your work and going above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of our members. Because of your continuous efforts and dedication, your accomplishments for this new program at Beckman is setting the tone for others wanting to facilitate as well as helping those we care for be a part of their community. We appreciate your dedication and care and look forward to the future Community Integration ADS groups within Active Day of Beckman!

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