Never Compromise our Integrity or the Safety of our Members
Never Compromise our Integrity or the Safety of our Members

Active Day of Hamilton: Commitment to Safety and Integrity

Our Value of the Month for June was “Never Compromise our Integrity or the Safety of our Members,” and we are proud to share all of our Centers ensure the safety and well-being of our members is their top priority; however, this month, we would like to recognize our Center Director Kim and her team at Active Day of Hamilton for everything they do, and the happiness they bring their members each day through their never-ending teamwork, dedication, and programming. Their team is committed to providing a safe environment where their members feel secure, cared for, and loved, and we are so grateful to have them as a part of our Active Day Family!

The Active Day of Hamilton team believes a huge part of a successful day is due to their active communication with each other, their members, and their families. Their thoroughness and teamwork help identify factors that may require additional assistance or measures to ensure quality care is continuously delivered. However, the safety and well-being of their members does not stop at communication, for daily, weekly, and monthly audits are performed to ensure environmental safety is at or above our standards as well. This can include but is not limited to ensuring all handicap-accessible devices are securely fastened, emergency procedures are in place and practiced, and vehicles have routine maintenance and are constantly monitored.  

The Center’s Activity Director, Raquel, creates monthly Activity Calendars based on their member’s interests, needs, and abilities. Through these creative and fun programs, which you can follow on their Facebook Page here, the team is able to monitor the mental and physical health of their members through various activities that are both cognitively and physically engaging. They adapt each activity to meet the needs of the members and assist when necessary, allowing them to actively be aware of any changes in the member’s well-being and ensuring everyone involved is notified if needed.

Kim and her team are dedicated and take pride in the services they provide their members every day. They work together to ensure everyone is aware and understands the needs of their members and deliver the highest quality care they can individually and as a team. Through their continuous efforts, teamwork, and communication, the members are not only physically safe but mentally safe as well. The Active Day of Hamilton Team is trustworthy, reliable, and always believes in doing the right thing – even when no one is watching. 

Thank you to the Active Day of Hamilton team for your compassion, understanding, and dedication – we APPRECIATE you! 

AD Hamilton Team

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