How You Can Tell the Difference Between Allergies, Cold, Flu and COVID-19
how to tell the difference between coronavirus, flu, cold, and allergies

Understanding COVID-19 vs. Seasonal Illnesses with Active Day

To keep anxiety levels down, and reduce the crush on local healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to know the difference between seasonal allergies or other illnesses and the more serious COVID-19.

“This novel coronavirus causes a respiratory illness manifested by fever, cough, and difficulty breathing,” said Dr. Virginia Bieluch, the chief of infectious diseases at The Hospital of Central Connecticut. Pay particular attention to that combination of three symptoms. Less frequently, says the World Health Organization, a COVID-19 infection can produce symptoms similar to the flu-like aches and pains, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, or diarrhea. Active Day will provide additional information if and as needed as we continue monitoring this situation. If you have any concerns, please call your center or your healthcare provider.


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