Create a Warm and Welcoming Community
Active Day of Campbellsville Team

Active Day of Campbellsville Celebrates Community Warmth

We celebrated our Value Create a Warm and Welcoming Community this past August, and we are so thankful for all of our teammates and their ability to ensure their members, families, and surrounding communities feel welcomed. Each of our Centers opened their doors, inviting new and familiar faces to join their festivities as they celebrated our August Value last month. However, our Active Day of Campbellsville team wanted to go beyond just ensuring the people they met knew what they were all about, so they took to social media.

Tonya and her team at Active Day of Campbellsville truly go the extra mile to ensure their members, families, and communities feel at home when they are with them. However, last month, the team came together in a different way to help everyone who hasn’t met them yet get to know them on a more personal level. Throughout August 7th – 11th, their team introduced themselves each day at the Center, as well as on their Facebook Page, by sharing heartwarming stories, photos, and words of appreciation for everything they do. They wanted people in their community who haven’t been able to meet them in person yet to understand the “how” and “why” behind the warm and welcoming environment they love so much. 

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Active Day of Campbellsville team for always putting in the effort to ensure those in their care, as well as the surrounding communities, have a warm and welcoming space to call their home away from home. Your compassion, creativity, and dedication are truly admirable, and without you, the Center wouldn’t be the incredibly fun and loving environment that it is today. Thank you so much for all that you do – we APPRECIATE you! 

Meet the Team!


Meet Tonya, Center Director!

Tonya worked for Active Day prior to the pandemic and recently rejoined our Active Family. She brightens up a room when she walks in, loves to have fun, and does everything she can to ensure her team, members, and families have what they need to be safe, happy, and cared for! Thank you, Tonya, for your never-ending care – we appreciate you!



Meet Lisa, Activities Coordinator

Lisa has been with Active Day for eight years and is proud to be a part of the Active Day family. She is excited to come to the Center every day and join her teammates in making memorable moments for their members. We appreciate her creativity, compassion, and dedication – we couldn’t image our team without her!



Meet Donna, LPN

Donna recently joined the Active Day of Campbellsville family in February 2023 but don’t let the time fool you, she is a crucial member of their team! She ensures all of their members are safe, staying healthy, and taking care of themselves – not just physically, but mentally too! Donna’s care goes beyond being the nurse – she opens her arms to everyone who walks in the door and doesn’t hesitate to help anyone in need.



Meet Amanda, Program Assistant

Prior to joining Active Day of Campbellsville in 2020, Amanda worked for our Kentucky Home Care Team for several years! She loves being with our members and couldn’t image working anywhere else. She is caring, supportive, and understanding.. and most of all, she loves to have FUN! Thank you Amanda for always brightening the day of anyone who walks through the door. We appreciate you!


Active Day of Campbellsville Team

From left to right
Amanda, Program Assistant
Lisa, Activity Coordinator
Donna, LPN
Tonya, Center Director
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