Active Day of Fairfield Advocates for Change!
dd awareness month

Members of Active Day of Fairfield in Ohio, Chris and Julian, attended and advocated at the Ohio Statehouse this month during the Developmental Disability Awareness and Advocacy event. The members had the opportunity to meet with Senator Schaffer, his team, and Representative Jeff LaRe to advocate for consideration toward budget approvals would allow more funding to be allocated to support services in the state of Ohio. Specifically, technology supports and fair wages for DSPs across the state. The members made sure to express how fair wages are crucial to ensuring the retention and longevity of Direct Support Professionals in the field and to work to ensure all DSPs are compensated more appropriately for the incredible work they do. The members of Active Day of Fairfield and their team made considerable strides this month for those who support individuals with special abilities. We are thankful and proud of our Active Day family for advocating for what they believe in and letting their voices be heard.

From this experience, our Active Day of Fairfield Facebook page was liked and followed by Representative Jeff LaRe and has since gained several new impactful followers, expanding their community relations and awareness of their services!

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